Viper's Costume Phases

Throughout her many years of being in comics, Viper has had several costumes and looks.

Most of them involve green in some way, and her right eye being covered by hair.

Classic Viper

In her classic look, Viper had the basic green outfit, and lime colored boots and gun holsters. Her hair was fairly down her back, very dark green, almost black and covered her scarred right eye.

Early '80s Viper

By the early eighties, Viper still had pretty much the same outfit since her debut. There were some changes though. Her hair was much shorter, but still covered her right eye. Also, with this picture as an exception, her hair was most often shown as being dark black, without green highlighting.

Late '80s Viper

By the late '80s Viper was still wearing the same basic base outfit. Her hair was a bit longer, most often bob length. In several of these apperances Viper was given a much more frightful, yet not ugly apperance. This was acomplished by the addition of fangs to the character, that she could use to bite and inject poison into her foes. Viper was also carrying a lot larger arsenal of weaponry, and personality wise was going off the deep end.

Early '90s Viper

When Viper returns again to comics in the early '90s, she is wearing once again the classic design. Here Viper's apperance is very close to the earlier '80s example. Her hair is once again fairly short, but fortunately is not a horrible mowawk cobra form.

Beast Series Viper

Viper was featurned promiently along with Spiral in the Beast mini-series of the mid 1990s. Here Viper has a very interesting modified version of her classic outfit. It is still set in dark greens, but has a lot more straps, pouches, etc. It is also VERY low cut compared to what she usually wears. Her hair is notably longer than her last apperances and a lighter shade of green.

Wolverine series Viper

Viper makes a grand apperance in Wolverine 125 in a plot line that results in her marrying Wolverine due to a vow the X-Man had made in the past. Viper shows up with a significantly different look. Her outfit is a much darker shade of green with thigh high boots. She also has lime green tights, covered by a dark green skirt attached to a utility belt. Her hair is by this time fairly lengthy, black with green highlights, and covers her eye.

Wolverine series Viper II

In recent issues of Wolverine, Viper returned in a very startling different look. Here Viper is dressed in a very low cut emerald colored gown. Also, she wears a interesting silver necklace. Her hair is still the same length as her previous Wolverine apperances, yet is slicked back releaving her entire face, which is shown as completely flawless.

Wolverine series Viper III

Later, Viper was pocessed by the Wolverine villian Ogun. Here she also bears a striking resemblance to a very popular video game treasure hunting heroine, which is probably completely intended. Her hair is mostly green once again, and is very long and braided.

X-Treme X-Men Viper

Viper harassed the X-Men once again during the X-Treme X-Men series. Although joining with Storm and her team to stop yet another possible alien invasion of Earth, at this time Viper nearly paralyzed Storm and vowed to Sage that they next time they met, it would be as adversaries. Here Viper returns to a classic look with a green catsuit, with the addition of fatal new claws. Her hair once again does not cover her eye, and her face is fully revealed.

Hellfire Viper

While visiting Captain Britain and Meggan in Great Britain, the X-Men are kidnapped by Viper, who takes them to her version of Murderworld. The outfit Viper sports here is completely original from previous incarnations. Viper wears a fairly revealing black catsuit with snake skin piping. She also has the long braid from before. Although Viper has always been a very physical combatant, this look portrays her as a lethal force. Recently, Viper has joined the newest version of the Hellfire Club's inner circle, as the Warrior White Princess to White Queen Courtney Ross. With this new position, Viper now wears an all-white version of this latest look.