Viper Profile

The Basics

Real Name: Ophelia Sarkissian

Known Alias: Madame Hydra, Madame Viper, Mrs. Smith, Meriem Drew and Mrs. Logan

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Viper has naturally black hair that she often highlights or fully dyes green. In her earlier apperances, Viper always wore her hair parted over her right eye, which was believed to cover scars recieved as a child.

Birthplace and Origin: Viper is believed to have born in Eastern Europe and is most likely Hungarian.

Marital Status: Other than a recent marriage to Wolverine, that ended in divorce, Viper is not known to have been previously married.

Viper's Past

Viper is a very unhappy woman. Viper is a very mentally-imbalanced woman. As well, Viper has a bloodlust for anarchy and obliteration of organized government. When you add it all up, Viper is a very angry, anarchistic, psychotic, hellbent on destruction. Just like every other comic book villain, Viper has a past that made her who she is today. Viper was orphaned at a very young age by the death of her parents in some various political revolution in Eastern Europe. It is also at this time that Viper is thought to have received the scarring to the right side of her face along with the possible loss of function or loss of her right eye. Viper was left alone and desolate in war-torn Europe, which resulted in a childhood that was literally hell. In her early life, Viper made enough money to eat and survive, by various criminal activities, and traveled through much of Europe, including the criminal island of Madripoor. She lived this way up until her early adulthood and eventually joined the criminal organization HYDRA. She quickly rose through the ranks of the large terrorist group and eventually ran the New York City branch during a time of crisis. At this time is when Viper took on the green garb and dyed hair, as well as the title of Madame Hydra. Madame Hydra's first objective as leader was to poison the residents of NYC by way of the water supply, which failed due to Captain America's heroics.

Viper's next goal was to assassinate Captain America, which obviously didn't happen. Viper later sought power once again by recreating the Serpent Squad, killing their leader called Viper, and began using his name as her own. Captain America once again foiled her plans, and Viper was falsely believed at this time to have died in a burning building. Throughout all of Viper’s schemes, there is a constant theme of both anarchy towards organized government and the eradication of the human race. Viper is very well knowledged in the properties and uses of all sorts of toxins, poisons, and snake venoms and very often creates her very own poisons for whatever the situation dictates. Viper has always found interesting and different ways for spreading her toxins and true to her snake associations, for sometime used fangs for the spreading of her poisons to others she bit. Viper also has a very large death wish, with most of her major schemes having no plan of salvation for even herself after success. Fortunately for Viper’s sake, and that of the human race, Viper has never been able to successfully conduct one of these major schemes without the interruption of various superheroes like Captain America, and Nick Fury.

When not focused on one of her schemes, or during her various incarcerations, Viper has a tendency to have a rather sporadic control of reality and sanity. Viper has such a strong hatred of organized government, specifically the United States government, due to issues of her childhood, and the highly corrupt organization she finds the government to be. Throughout Viper’s criminal career, she has often times been associated with individuals or groups that called for world domination and the like, such as HYDRA, The Red Skull, and Baron Von Strucker. Most of the time though, with Viper’s craving for complete eradication and total destruction, Viper’s connection to these groups, is due to the financial backing she receives for sharing some of the same ideologies including her anarchistic fantasies.

Viper does not have many friends, but does have many allies from her criminal exploits including the Red Skull, Wolverine, her oft consort the Silver Samurai, and most recently the Hellfire Club. Other than a completely loveless and unphysical marriage to the X-Man Wolverine, which resulted in her being installed as ruler of Madripoor, Viper has only been romantically linked to the Silver Samurai. Although she has had some interesting ways of criminal plotting with the Red Skull as well. Viper is not discriminatory in her hatred and thirst for total annihilation; she wants the equal end to all.